This resource combines all the developments of its author, both implemented or being implemented, and planned for implementation in the future. The site is designed to inform interested people about the trends and stages of development of each project developed by the author. Through the site, you can interact with the resource in one way or another: carry out and download timely updates of the applications presented on it, receive detailed information about them, pay for the services offered, provide financial and any other support to the author, and much more.

«Tiflo-Space» is primarily a set of software tools united by a common idea and aimed at facilitating and diversifying both the professional and everyday life of blind people. Being also blind, the author of the project is engaged in the implementation of what is primarily interesting to himself, what in his opinion can bring at least some benefit to the blind community. The author does not set himself any grandiose goals, does not pretend to be unique or irreplaceable, does not want to get rich or gain worldwide fame. All the projects developed by the author are conditionally free, and can be used by people without any prior financial investments. Nevertheless, completely alien to altruistic beliefs, the author pays some attention to a commercially sound approach, and therefore, often next to the free basic functions of a particular project, you can find paid extended ones. Be that as it may, the balance between paid and free functions is always strictly controlled and reliably observed by the author.

Author, Sebekin Ivan Nikolaevich, is a private, independent person: an enthusiast in fact, an individual entrepreneur according to documents. Using this resource, you can send the author any suggestions, suggestions, questions and complaints related to his activities.

The author is always open for cooperation with like-minded people and just good people!

The author is always happy to take up the implementation of new, interesting, fresh and bold ideas!